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PLEASE NOTE: Even if participants have completed their proposal form they must still fill out Conference registration form.
We remind you that the registrations are still possible but the proposals received after March 18th will not appear in the the Congress programme-book.

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Researchers have the option of presenting their work on a poster or notice measuring 120cm x 80cm. Posters will be displayed in the halls of the venue throughout the duration of the conference. All conference participants will therefore have the opportunity to view the posters.

submit a proposal for a round table discussion
Proposal to organise a series of presentations around a given topic (up to five speakers for sessions of 90 minutes).

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developing projects, reviewing research etc. (five participants minimum for sessions of 90 minutes).
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Under the sign of the Encyclopédie and of the philosophical spirit which it embodies /allgemein/under-the-sign-of-the-encyclopdie-and-of-the-philosophical-spirit-which-it-embodies/ /allgemein/under-the-sign-of-the-encyclopdie-and-of-the-philosophical-spirit-which-it-embodies/#comments Wed, 12 Oct 2011 06:53:45 +0000 IEC /?p=8

Under the sign of the Encyclopédie and of the philosophical spirit which it embodies a spirit which, unlike that of our age, does not recognise academic specialisation, nor separates the sciences from rhetoric, and which proclaims the unity of all knowledge-Congress members are invited to reflect upon the interfaces and interactions between the sciences, knowledge in all domains, technologies and cultures in the eighteenth century. United under the principal theme of the Congress, all fields of knowledge and human activity are concerned : philosophy, literature, the fine arts, the history of science and of mentalities, political economy, demography etc.

Thus, for example (and avoiding the assumptions of modern classifications), we shall want to consider : the development of the scientific spirit (networks, the influence of the State, scientific expeditions, academies, learned societies, periodicals and reviews, collectors, scientific debates and quarrels, vulgarization, education .), and also the resistances it encountered-religion, illuminism, charlatanism ; its influence on philosophy (empiricism, experimentation, rationalism, nature and culture, materialism, utilitarianism) ; on metaphysics (Descartes, Newton, Leibniz, Buffon; men and animals ; final causes ; innate and acquired knowledge) ; on the life sciences and medicine ; on literature (science and poetry, the novel, the dialogue, science and the imaginary); on history (chronology, erudition, causality, the philosophy of history) ; on the arts (opera, theatre and its machinery, musical theory and instruments, art collectors and amateurs; on urbanism and architecture (real and ideal cities); on political and economic thought (public welfare, physiocracy, demography, statistics, science and the State). A section will be reserved for debate on today’s sciences and technologies applied to the study of the eighteenth century, and to the critical evaluation of their contribution to that study (major publishing projects, material bibliography, texts on-line, data bases.).

The scientific committeee welcomes with pleasure all suggestions and proposals, including those which do not enter readily into the large framework sketched above. It reserves the right to group proposals on related topics, in the interest of offering members from the entire international community who will be present in Montpellier the opportunity to present and confront their diverse scholarly approaches.

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The administrative seat of the Hérault département and of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, the city of Montpellier /allgemein/the-administrative-seat-of-the-hrault-dpartement-and-of-the-languedoc-roussillon-region-the-city-of-montpellier/ /allgemein/the-administrative-seat-of-the-hrault-dpartement-and-of-the-languedoc-roussillon-region-the-city-of-montpellier/#comments Wed, 12 Oct 2011 06:51:55 +0000 IEC /?p=6

The administrative seat of the Hérault département and of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, the city of Montpellier itself boasts 250,000 inhabitants, while the greater urban area has a population of more than 500,000. In the later Middle Ages, Montpellier was a major Mediterranean port. The city centre contains a large number of hôtels particuliers dating from the eighteenth century. The undeniable charm of the urban setting owes much to the prosperity of the city during these periods.
In this ancient university town, famous for its medical faculty-the oldest in the world in continual operation since the Middle Ages – Montpellier has also been an administrative and commercial centre for centuries, with-medical research and teaching in the health sciences occupying a central place. The city is currently second in France in terms of demographic expansion, and first in the proportion of students in higher education to total population. Situated ten kilometres from the Mediterranean and its beaches, Montpellier is little more than an hour by plane and a little over three hours by TGV (Train Grande Vitesse) from Paris (a direct TGV line runs from Charles de Gaulle airport to Montpellier).

The Congress will be held in the Corum, a large conference and concert complex, situated at one end of the Esplanade, in the city centre’s pedestrian zone. Accomodation in the universities residence halls are available for seven nights at very reasonable prices. Three levels of comfort are proposed to Congress members. All of the residences have been recently renovated, and most are on or near the new tramway line.

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